Create a place where you can once again embrace and encourage family values. Comfortable seats, soft lighting, wood burner, soft blankets to wrap yourself in and a hot chocolate gives you a space where you can ensure your family stays connected to each, not the internet


Getting time to sit and discuss ‘life’ with your nearest and dearest in a neutral place is more difficult as your family gets older. The dinner table is part of your functional home. By embracing “Hygge” and Nordic Garden Buildings, you can create a new family space.

Create the perfect family room

Is this familiar? Up early, get the kids out of bed, get ready for work, making packed lunches, bundle people into cars, off to school or college then off to work. Pick up kids, back home, homework/coursework, make dinner, tidy up, on go computers, tablets and mobile phones, bedtime.

That Hygge Feeling

Your home is a functional space that in some cases (probably more than you would like to admit) is not appreciated. Create that place where Wi-Fi may not be available, phone signal may not be great, no TV …. In short, no distraction, just family time

What our customers have to say

Our customers have installed buildings throughout the UK and Europe, in gardens of all shapes and sizes. Take a look to see how our customers are using our garden rooms.


One of the major benefits of choosing to add more space to your home with a Nordic Garden Building, is that this type of structure can often be added to your property without the need to apply for planning permission. For this to be possible however, it must comply with the height and positioning rules of permitted development, which we’ll take you through in this easy to read guide


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A Nordic Garden Building creates that perfect environment, located ‘around’ the home. Take a minute to request the latest product range from Nordic Garden Buildings.